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Breaking news 27/4/2015



The decision of the Planning Committee to refuse the latest application for the illegal Bunker was great, but the fight isn’t over yet.

The problem is that while the monstrosity sitting up on the East Hill is now illegal – Rocklands still have the original planning permission (reference number HS/FA/12/0952 (952) – we call it ‘952’) for a slightly smaller but still HIDEOUS and totally inappropriate house up there.

So they could knock this one down and build that. Yep.

We have compelling legal advice that Rocklands can no longer use the 952 approval (because the site has already changed so much from their vandal behavior), but experience shows that this won’t stop them trying.

What is worse, we have failed to get HBC to confirm that they know 952 is dead and that they will stop any attempts to build to it now.

So it’s imperative we keep fighting to stop a monstrosity almost as bad as the Bunker being built and then allowed to remain – with yet more damage to local ecology and the ancient monument.

One bright light on the situation – with the General Election just weeks away we have an opportunity to make candidates understand how strongly the people of Hastings feel about this issue.

If they want our votes, they need to make some serious promises that they will take action on this.

We have now received statements from all Candidates in the General Election.
The statements of support from the Candidates can be seen here:  Letters of support from Electoral Candidates

What you can do:

  • Write to all the parliamentary candidates asking them what they would do about about the Bunker, if they won the election. Ask them how they would bring HBC to account on it.
  • Tell candidates and canvassers how important this issue is to you.
  • Write to your local councillors asking what they are going to do to make HBC face up to their responsibilities. Tell them we, the people, demand a formal statement about the future of the East Hill site from HBC.
  • Make your neighbours, friends and family aware of the continuing danger and ask them to do the above.

Here is the list of local councillors:

Here are some contact details for the Candidates in the next General Election:

Amber Rudd (Conservative)
email :
web :
Jake Bowers (Green)
Sarah Owen (Labour)
Nick Perry (Liberal Democrat)
Andrew Michael (UKIP)

External Links:

More info

Planning Application


If the Planning Committee decision on 18 June does not achieve what we want would you be prepared to take part in a peaceful and lawful protest, probably in front of the Town Hall?

We will want to demonstrate that we have not given a up the fight and also make people across the Borough aware of the threat to their heritage.

If you sign up we will get back to you when we decide we need to show the strength of our feelings. We will also need to produce some great information boards and handouts. Please mail via the Contact Page if you can help.

Would you consider pledging funds towards the cost of legal challenges?

We are certainly not set up to hold any money yet but it will help if we know what funds we could rely on if needed. Please do not pledge more than you can afford to contribute!  We would expect to return unneeded funds in proportion to the size of donations.

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I am willing to pledge the following amount towards the legal costs of a Judicial Review or other legal action.

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